Our Story

The "The Bleating Does" started as just an idea of a woman, (me) dreading the upcoming opening day of fall deer hunting season.

Hi! My name is Michelle, and I lovingly refer to myself as a "Hunting Widow", because every deer or turkey season my husband is MIA,  in a tree stand or turkey blind...somewhere. 

If your husband is anything like my husband, then he plans out the season way ahead of time. I'v already seen less and less of my husband for the last 2 months, and opening day isn't even here yet in Missouri. He claims hunting season doesn't start until opening day, but we all know, his brain is already in the game.


The Pre-Hunt Season began weeks ago with nailing down hunting leases, scouting land, tree trimming, putting out trail cams, laying out salt licks, putting in food plots, and hanging stands all in preparation. 

As loving wives and girlfriends we want to support and encourage our men to do what makes them happy, but I'd be lying if I said I had zero issues with it.


My husband has an online community and a forum he frequents. Every time I turn around, he's on the forum talking to other men, comparing trail cam photos of big prospective bucks, and engaging in challenges and contests.  My husbands owns various hats, t-shirts, decals, and mugs all with hunting logos and phrases on them. It led me to ask,

"Why are there no forums like this for wives"?  

After entertaining that idea, it grew, and here we are!

I decided that here and now, was the perfect time and place to create such a thing. For many women, hunting season is complicated and filled with mixed emotions. It's my objective to bring us together, and form a community of women who can support, and encourage and lift each other up during this time. A place where we can share stories, witty humor, memes and your favorite venison recipes. A place that houses women from all over the country, that share this one thing in common.