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15 Of My Favorite Things

There are so many other things I could add to this list; books, scarves, clothing lines, shoes...oooh shoes! I only have like 4 pairs, but a girl can dream. I could share my favorite activities, places, and more. But for now we will start with these.


Something you may not know about me..... I am a cheap, frugal, secondhand crazy person. I pride myself in finding a good deal, and I am "that person" who no matter how bad they want something, if the price is insane, I will usually refuse to buy it. However, there are some things that I refuse to compromise on. This list is made up of items I love, and both refuse to compromise on and still fit in the realm of "affordable". Each one of these items has a reason for being on this list, as silly as some may seem, and they either make my every day more enjoyable or make me feel good.

Listed below are the Items and a link to where they can be found:

1. Amazon -

2. Mpix -

3. Grove Collaborative -

4. FabFitFun -

5. Mrs. Meyer's - - on Amazon - - Walmart

6. Waterpik - Walmart - on Amazon

7. Maple Pin Hairbrush with Waxed Beechwood Handle - on Amazon

8. Clinique Happy - Clinique - on Amazon

9. URPOWER Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier - on Amazon

10. Schmidt's Deodorant - Walmart - - on Amazon

11. Shea Moisture products - Walmart - GNC - Sally Beauty Supply - on Amazon

12. Calia -

13. Love Beauty and Planet - Walmart

14. Lunette Menstrual Cup - - on Amazon

15. Deer Antler earings - on Amazon

16. Deer Antler Rings -

I am not paid for any advertising. Just trying to help some ladies out!

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