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Dove Season

September 1st, marked the first day of opening for dove here in Missouri. Dove season goes until the end of the month and overlaps with duck, turkey, and deer. What does this mean exactly? It means I better be ready to see much less of my husband in the evenings and mornings.

It means cooking and cleaning up dinner solo for myself and the kids. It means wrapped up dinners for Mr. Wonderful. It means quiet early mornings and busy evenings alone. Although, I can't complain about the quiet mornings really, I rather enjoy those. It's the evenings that get to me after some time.

Hunting season means all the smells, trails of boots, gear, feathers, turkey calls, and SD cards are all about to invade my counters, floors and tables again. It means surrendering my washer and dryer for the hunting gear. It means tripping over boots and jackets, vests, arrows, and even a gun case or two. I honestly can not believe it is already here. Time has just flown. This year has been an odd one to say the least, and in so many ways, even the weather seems much warmer this time of the year than I remember. Some believe that it means we are in for a hard, long winter. I sure hope not, I don't know if I can handle that.....although it seems like a predictable end to 2020....

Mr. Wonderful made sure not to miss opening day for dove. As soon as he was done with work, he was out of here, and headed to meet up with his buddies. He came home with about 11 birds last night. I always forget how tiny those birds are and how little meat there is on them. He breasted them out, stuck them in a bag, and tossed them into the refrigerator. I left him to clean up, not my rodeo...

This morning, as I stood in front of my kitchen sink, and glanced down, there they were.........feathers. Feathers! Randomly spread about the floor and counter, a little feather here, a group there. I hung my head, and said to myself........"And so it begins", and then laughed to myself. It has in fact, begun. There is no escaping it, I must simply accept that hunting season is here even though it doesn't seem as if it should be yet. It means fall is right around the corner, and honestly, I am not ready to let go of summer yet. I fully intend to use every bit of it up, and in the meantime, I guess I need to get my fall game plan together to cope with hunting season starting.

So tell me..........Dove. Love it or hate it? It's always been a strange meat for me, because of the liver like texture of the meat. My husband makes it delicious, and even the kids love it. I can tolerate it, but again, the texture isn't my favorite. I am anxious to try some new recipes this year and find something that rocks my world.

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