• Michelle

Morning Coffee....

........Could soon be had, in one of these fancy coffee mugs! Okay, so it's not so fancy, but it's got our logo and website on it, and I think that is pretty cool. The trick is being able to provide these to you for an affordable price, and not some insane amount for a coffee mug just so I can make a few bucks. I promise to find and offer you quality products. It is my intent to get the store going soon, but while we are brand new, I feel like I still have time to get this set up. I really want to be able to provide t-shirts, hoodies, hats, mugs, window decals and more. I think it could be tons of fun. Items not with just our name and logo on them, but some fun and cleaver quotes and phrases like, " Hunting Widow", or "I married a hunter", "My man hunts".....and so on. What do you think? I would love idea's, as my brain is not always capable of coming up with new, cleaver, and witty things.

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