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One buck down

Hello there!

I have to start out by telling you, that every single season I tend to go in with some sort of expectations for how hunting season is going to go. This year I fully expected my husband to abandon me early and just stay gone as often as possible. One reason being that I finally seem to have accepted that this is truly part of my life with my husband, and honestly I thought that this alone would be an "invitation" for all the hunting he could stand. I know he loves me, but he just can't help himself.


Last year he was gone a lot, and ended the deer and turkey season with nothing. He had shot a buck, but never was able to track or recover it. He felt like a failure. I wasn't happy either. He was gone as often as he could be, took days off work just for hunting, there was no meat in the freezer, and the more time that passed, the angrier he got. All this, meant that I was living with an often gone and crabby man from fall through spring, although he would never admit that this is true. He tries hard to not let it bother him, but it does.

My husband skipped opening weekend. Primarily because it was just too warm, but come the day of September, 21st (last Friday), it was game on. The temperature dropped, the wind was going to be just right, so this meant it was time to get in a tree. After work, my husband, as many husbands do I am sure, kissed me, changed clothes, and was gone. We all told him good luck on his way out the door and hoped he would get a big buck. It happened! The lucky bastard bagged himself an 8 point buck on his very first day in the tree stand. This is a good thing, but there are negatives as well.

The good part is the meat in the freezer, and a temporarily thrilled, excited, and accomplished husband. Also the bragging rights to his friends, co-workers, and the guys on his hunting forum. The bad part? The time to clean, cut and package the meat. The several hundreds of dollars it will cost to have my husbands trophy mounted, and certain parts of the deer processed. And lastly, the endless comments about how he now has to wait until November to kill another buck, according to Missouri regulations. This doesn't mean he can't hunt, it just means no bucks are on the menu, just doe's. This is bitter sweet for him. That other big buck he has had his eye on will have to wait for a while. Even with this being the case, I'm not going to hold my breath that Mr.Wonderful will stay home.

The handsome devil above is my husband, aka Mr.Wonderful with his recent kill. He may look burly and unhappy, but he's a sweetheart, a nerd, mine and I love him to death. Even with his "serious" face in this photo lol.

I promise every post will not be about my husband, and his hunting tales. Maybe someone can relate a little to the pros and cons of getting a deer so early in the season. Or relate in some way. There is no telling how the next few weeks will go with a major cooling off in the forecast, but as usual, I am trying to find ways to keep myself busy and preoccupied. I craft, crochet, and have taken on two large furniture renovations. What do you do to keep you busy during these slow and lonelier months?

By the way, something many deer hunters wives probably know......If your husband needs help, you will help. Even if it means tainting your brand new jegings haha.

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