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Opening Weekend

Saturday, September 15th marked Opening Day of bow hunting season here in Missouri. I would be lying if I were not completely thrilled that the weather chose not to cooperate this weekend. Why? It means one more weekend that I get my husband here, with me and the kids...sort of.

Not hunting means he has spent a large portion of his time this weekend stalking his hunting friends in other parts of the country online, and watching as one by one they begin to post photos of their first big bucks, and adding up the points and stats for the deer they have managed to kill. I can see the envy in Mr. Wonderful's eyes and hear it in his comments. As much as I want him here, I find myself wishing he could go get in a tree so he doesn't feel left out. In addition to hunting season, guess what else starts at the same time? That's right, football season! Sometimes I feel like it is a giant conspiracy against women haha. Between the hunting forums and fantasy football, it's as if I am living a real life "body snatchers" situation. Where is my husband? Who is this man sitting next to me glued to his cell phone suddenly? I can't be the only one who experiences this right? There are others out there aren't there? These questions and many more, are why I am here.

This weekend we have 3 of the 5 children, my two and Mr.Wonderful's youngest. We had gluten free sausage, biscuits and gravy for breakfast with some fresh fruit. We have gone fishing, cleaned the garage, trimmed bushes, tended to the garden (picked some cherry tomatoes) and watered flowers. Mr. Wonderful took Miss.Goldilocks out to one of the leases he's on to check things out, while I worked on a project staining some wood. We have had a pretty laid back weekend thus far.

Monday starts a new week, and the temperatures are supposed to start to cool off a bit. The first signs of fall are here. Even though it's still stupid hot, some of the leaves on the trees are starting to yellow and turn. It won't be long until fall is really here. September 22nd marks the first day of Autumn! I am waiting for this date to officially pull out my Mrs. Meyre's pumpkin sent soap, and all of my fall sent's. I am not a "pumpkin spice" everything girl, but I am! I don't like to admit it hehehe. I LOVE fall. I love the cooling weather. I am obsessed with fall sent's and especially love the ones that smell like you have a pie or banana bread in the oven. I love cardigan sweaters and thick socks, hot morning coffee, backyard fire pit nights, and the colors of everything changing before its all bare naked and ugly. If I could live in an endless Fall or Spring, I would be in heaven.

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