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Well, here we are. I have managed to survive so far without loosing my mind, but there's still time for the crazy lady to emerge. Plenty of time. FYI-Wine helps! I was expecting this season to be worse already at this point, but the weather has not been great for hunting, thus Mr. Wonderful has been around more than expected. Today has been a lovely 88 degrees with 20-30 mile an hour winds. Yuck.... I am so ready for actual fall weather!

Mr. Wonderful being here is a good thing and I am glad he has been around, but I'm also slightly bummed that he has been here because 1) I stocked up on wine and wouldn't dare let it go to waste. 2) I did so much work to mentally prepare myself for being left alone that now that he has been here I have no clue what to do with myself lol, and 3) I planed some projects that I could do while he was gone that haven't got done because, well....he's been here. Does that sound dumb?


The weather is supposed to be in a funky hot, cool, hot cool pattern for the next few days, and then supposedly the forecast calls for a week of rain. (I'll believe it when I see it.) We need rain so badly, it has been a very dry summer here in West Missouri. I am hoping we do get enough to help my fall crop come up (I love to garden) and refill my almost empty water catchment container so I can keep watering until it's to cold to do so and everything dies.

Tomorrow the weather is going to take a dip, and I bet you money Mr. Wonderful is "suddenly" going to have the idea to get home early from work and hop in a stand. I bet you money haha. He really has no idea what a "creature of habit" he is.

Today I tended to my domestic goddess duties. Cleaned out the refrigerator, washed dishes, scrubbed toilets, grocery shopped.....those kinds of things. As I finally sat down for the first time today around 5, I realized how tired I was. Like, I can't keep my eyes open, nodding out, mamma needs a nap tired. I really only have two options here. Make coffee and truck on until bed, or talk myself into a second wind accompanied by wine.


I hit 50 followers on Facebook this week, which is kind of a big deal! It's so hard to get the word out and have things take off when it's new. I have decided to be "all in" on this project, but find myself getting frustrated when the numbers don't keep growing fast every day. I'll get there, and I will keep working at it daily. It's been fun trying to hunt down content to share, and while the following grows I have time to keep working on the blog, and adding recipes and things to the forum. Who knows what it will grow or evolve into.

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