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The Countdown Begins

And here we are, 15 days away from opening season of deer hunting in Missouri, my husbands favorite time of the year. Big game hunting has opened in a few places around the country already, and it's quite amusing to watch my husband's excitement and anxiety build as he waits for his turn. He can't wait!

So once again I find myself here desperately wanting and willing to give this another try.

I will keep this short, but feel the need to explain why I have been MIA for, a very long time. Last winter I broke my ankle on Christmas Day. I broke it so bad in fact, that I ended up having surgery and now sport a metal plate and screws in my ankle. The recovery sucked, the time on my butt was never ending, and by the time I could begin to walk again, I had a million things I needed to catch up on. Needless to say by the time I felt well again and not depressed about my situation, hunting season was over, I felt like a huge failure, and we were working our way into spring.

I decided to take that time to get my home and head in order. Catch up, and work on me a little, hoping that come the next fall, I would be ready to try this again. we are. I still want this. I still want to see it grow. I want to make this work, so I am going to work at it. Baby steps. I can not believe that it is even September, it literally blows my mind. The summer has seemed to just fly by. We have got some much cooler weather lately, which I love. Maybe we will actually get a fall this year. We will see.

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