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The Deerslayer's Wife

If you haven't already found her, you should check out Shannon, over at The Deerslayer's Wife. She has been the wife of a hunter for much longer than I have, and she loves to cook what her husband brings home and make it gourmet. I envy this skill, and aspire to learn everything I can so that maybe one day I can reach a level close to hers. I will need much more wine ;)

She started her blog as therapy for hunters' wives and as a chronicle of her journey from being a hunting widow to her all-out effort to become the hunting camp queen over the course of her 34 years of marriage. "I know that there are SO MANY women out there just like me. My blog started out as an attempt to reach out them."

Her Deerslayer, was so surprised and grateful when she began to research recipes and embrace the hunting experience.  Shannon told me, "Don't get me wrong, there are still times that my husband wants to "be with the guys", but I've discovered that they love having me around to prepare dishes like venison enchiladas with creamy poblano sauce, venison parmesan, wild pork maple breakfast sausage, and the like. "

I mean, can you blame them? I wan't some! Sounds amazing. She's got some great recipes, tips and more on her page, and I challenge you to go give her a look if you are looking for a good read, a fun sense of humor, and some new ideas.


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