• Michelle

The Website is LIVE!

We are live! If you have found your way here and are thinking, " This site looks dead, there's no one here", that is because we are brand spanking new to the internet!!!!!

This has been a lot of work for me (Michelle) in the last week to get this all thrown together before hunting season starts here in Missouri. The website has been published! The blog is up! Facebook and Instagram have been started, and we are on our way.


I am a realist. I know that now, that it's all up and published, that it's not like a flood of people are suddenly going to be here and signing up. Granted, I would love, that, But I know this may take some time. Perhaps come spring, or next year I will have created and kept alive an active community. That is my hope.

I am so very excited to get this going, and I hope as each one of you find your way here, that this ends up being what you need it to be. If it is not, tell me! I am going to be counting on your feedback to create content, and offer what you need and as a community, we can make it awesome!

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