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You might be a hunter's wife if........

Any of the following hits home with you.

I love fall, it's probably my most favorite season. I love the changing leaves, the smells, the colors, and the food. I love pulling out my scarves and cardigans, (I totally have a cozy sweater fetish), fires in the back yard, drinking hot coco and more. The biggest thing that happens around here during this time of the year though, is hunting season! I have such a love-hate relationship with hunting season, and it's hard to explain exactly why. I am always afraid I sound like a monster when I'm trying to explain it. Yes, I love my husband. Yes, I support him. Yes, I love having good, free food in the freezer. I don't however, like the time away, planning everything around peak hunting times, and managing a house full of 5 kids alone.

You Might Be A Hunters Wife If...........

1) When starting sometime in August, you start spending more time at Bass Pro, Cabelas, Sportsmans, Outdoorsmen, Dicks, and so on, looking at items your husband has on his wish list that he thinks he needs, or wants to upgrade. This at times can be boring, but mostly just expensive. I go for moral support, to hold Mr. Wonderful accountable with the bank account, and to spend a little extra time with him, because I know soon he will be MIA.

2) You have a Pinterest board dedicated to hunting, hunting memes, wild game recipes, and how to decorate using deer antlers. Which also challenges you to plan on what you are going to do with his game before he even gets it. Stew? Deer Chili?

3) Once hunting season is underway, your regular laundry takes the backseat to hunting gear because you must wash every piece of sent locking camo, jackets, long johns and underwear in its own load because a) it needs to be washed in the worlds smelliest detergent (Dead Down Wind reeks) b) its covered in dirt, doe urine, ticks or hopefully c) its covered in blood that doesn't belong to your husband. Either way, his gear needs the washer all to itself which means your laundry schedule now revolves around his hunting schedule.

4) You have become an expert at making coffee with one eye open for your husband at 3 o'clock in the morning, packing a hunting pack, getting stains out, and wrapping meat.

5) You keep your phone charged and handy, anxiously waiting for a text message with a photo of a dead animal so you can share in your husbands excitement and express your pride for his accomplishment. This, and, planning the first meal you will make because you are almost as excited as he is. (Stocking the freezer is a big deal)

6) You know that once deer season is over, it is just the start of another season, and another. And even when it's all over, there is still shed hunting to do!

7) Even though you have a love-hate relationship with your husband's hunting, it's just that, the hunting, not the husband. I love to see my husband get so excited to hunt, (like a small child, it's adorable) but you also learn to hate the disappointment he gets when he goes out for hours in a day or a weekend and comes home empty handed.

8) You look foreword to the time that your kids are big enough that maybe you can go hunting too, but in the mean time, you get to enjoy the few hours of extra sleep where you can spread out in your bed since he is up before the sunrise. This is ultimately my favorite part!

9) Christmas, Birthdays, and Anniversary presents are easy to get, since all he wants is more hunting gear, more camo, more guns, and you have an Amazon wish list full of these things for him.

10) As much as you bitch, complain, and dislike hunting season, you secretly love it. You love how excited he gets, you love how happy it makes him, and you love the fresh meat. I love knowing that the meat we are eating is fresh, primarily organic and free of all the crap the store bought meats are.

11) No one besides other hunters wives can truly understand how much you love and loathe the season at the same time. They also are a great source for recipe swaps, someone to complain to, and they understand how bloody expensive and worth it, it all is.

12) You find empty shells in truck beds, animal calls, muddy boots, 7 bottles of sent killer laying around, packets of hand warmers, and stinky things all over the house in a trail leading to the shower.

13) Your landscaping decor consists of bow targets, decoys, life sized deer targets and more littering your yard.

14) Your family vacations are planned so that they don't overlap any hunting seasons, making sure that other activities do not interfere as well. And he sets a special set of vacation days aside, just for siting in a tree or a blind.

15) The fact that once your husband's favorite season ends it becomes mandatory to watch hunting videos about that season until it comes back into season, and start preparing for the next season.

*Credit goes to Heather Luther for inspiration and ideas for this list.

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